Shannon Koszyk

"I love a good juxtaposition"

Through a darkly romantic lens, Shannon Koszyk’s creations observe another time and place in history. Artisanal gothic anthropology is the best way to describe her provocative interpretation of ancient symbolism and nouveau art. She breathes new life into forgotten relics and iconography, enriching them with precious metals and gemstones. Her unorthodox designs celebrate the spirit and beauty of the individual.

All jewelry pieces are made in her Seattle studio, using only the highest quality materials: semiprecious and precious gemstones, heavy sterling chain, 14k gold, leather, sterling silver, bronze and diamonds.   All rings and medals are wax cast using only the finest quality sterling and bronze.  All materials are ethically and locally sourced.

Faithful to her motto, "Fortune favors the bold,” Shannon’s designs are often referred to as edgy, sexy, dark and dangerous, with a strong rock ‘n’ roll influence. It’s no wonder she appeals to a wide range of design devotees as well as individualistic personas.  

Shannon has collaborated with different companies over the years; she designed a lighting and furniture line with Currey & Co in 2014.  Then in 2015 she collaborated with Tuesday Night Band Practice for both London and Paris Fashion week and then again with R13 for Spring 2017 for New York Fashion Week. 


EST. 2007