Artisan Jewelry. Handcrafted in Seattle, WA. 
Inspired by history.

Designed with a passion for history, quality, and craftsmanship, Shannon’s unmatched jewelry and hardware pieces express the strength and beauty found within the unconventional.

Made for both men and women, her provocative, edgy creations- described as artisanal gothic anthropology- are coveted by musicians and celebrities. Each collection is approached with a couture sensibility, handcrafted in her Seattle studio using only the highest quality materials, featuring semi-precious and precious gemstones, heavy sterling chain, 14k gold, leather, bronze and diamonds.

To wear one of Shannon’s creations is to live by her motto: "Fortune favors the bold."

As we find ourselves in a divided country, we wanted to do something to bridge these gaps. We are dedicating a portion of our total sales to organizations that we believe need our support the most. Every Shannon Koszyk collection will give back to our community by supporting a different foundation that responds to the true intent behind each theme, starting with the below. 

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Shop Joan D'Arc

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