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Our entire catalog of bracelets featuring weighty bronze and sterling mixed metals coins, chains and pendants.  We love chunky jewelry, simple yet bold pieces that can be passed down from one generation to another.  

Sterling Silver and Bronze Weighty Mixed Metals Chain Link Bracelet
Leanna Leather Wrap Bracelet
Regular price$298.00
Ancient Relics Mixed Metals Coin Charm Bracelet
Regular price$1,198.00
Bronze & Sterling Square Crosses Mixed Metals Bracelet
Regular price$398.00
Ancient Bronze Rattlesnake Vertebrae Leather Bracelet
Sterling Silver Tryptic Chains Link Bracelet
Regular price$798.00
Diamond Leanna Leather Wrap Bracelet
Regular price$598.00
Sterling Rattlesnake Vertebrae Bracelet
Sterling Silver Square Cross Industrial Bracelet
Regular price$598.00

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