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Rings for Men


of Shannon Koszyk
Through a darkly romantic lens, Shannon Koszyk’s creations observe another time and place in history. Artisanal gothic anthropology is the best way to describe her provocative interpretation of ancient symbolism and nouveau art. She breathes new life into forgotten relics and iconography, enriching them with precious metals and gemstones.
Her unorthodox designs celebrate the spirit and beauty of the individual. Shannon’s work is multi-layered and peppered with historical and religious symbols. Faithful to her motto, "Fortune Favors The Bold,” Shannon’s designs are often referred to as edgy, sexy, dark and dangerous, with a strong rock ‘n’ roll influence while retaining a casual elegance.


This was such a great experience for me. I met the designers from TNBP online actually. I wasin the middle of Dallas Market and it was slow so a friend and I left and decided to go and checkout some of the local shops. We walked into a store called Traffic that was inside the newlyrenovated Joule hotel that we were dying to check out. I found these amazing tee-shirts, likethe best ever concert t-shirts. They were made by TNBP so I contacted them and asked if theywanted to do a collaboration.

They are based between London and Bali. They said yes, send ussome pieces were doing a presentation that’s sponsored by Marshall amps for London Fashionweek. So that’s where it started, they showed my pieces with their collection for a seasonduring London and Paris Fashion weeks. Rikka the women’s designer met up with my in NYC in2017 and attended the R13 Runway show. So much fun working with and meeting like mindeddesigner’s forma all over the world.

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