Inspiration is everything, it’s my air. I’ve been at this about 10 years and I can tell you the design just comes, the product designs itself, its not a struggle. I don’t know where it comes from, it just comes, someone or some entity is definitely working through me. Sometimes the execution is a struggle but the design, thats the fun part. Most of my pieces are based on History, I love telling a story. It amazing what people have sacrificed throughout history to pave the way. History is full of those who stood their ground and fought for what they believed in while enduring the most unbelievable hardships. Thats power and thats inspiring. I love an underdog, always have!.

I am often asked what Im working on, what my inspiration etc is so I have finally had enough time to sit down and hammer out some thoughts on the subject.

Introducing the Shannon Koszyk blog, please comment and join in the conversation. I love my customers and they always tell me when I wear my pieces that they get stopped all the time and are asked about the pieces. My pieces are sort of hard to miss. Laugh! I also hear that when they wear my pieces they feel stronger. That is the best compliment, I love empowering people makes all the struggling as a small company worth it.