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Provocative Lighting Design, Chandeliers & Avant Garde Jewelry for the Home

Provocative Lighting Design, Chandeliers &  Avant Garde Jewelry for the  Home

I have been asked to share more about my lighting, my process and to see the pieces I have made over the years. 

On the vintage pieces I start with the frame, I never know what I'm going to do until I stare at it for a few days.  

From start to finish each one takes me a few weeks.  

Like the jewelry I wire each bead together, I use the same medals and coins I use on my jewelry, so each piece us truly a very large necklace.  

My jewelry was my jumping off point on the lighting.  It all stared when I was doing my first trade show with the jewelry and I wanted to set the tone and I didn't want to use traditional lighting. 

Everyone began asking me how much the chandeliers were?  I wasn't expecting anyone to ask about them and I was surprised to receive such a strong reaction so they became part of my line.

Lighting is so important, it sets the mood and that is so important.  I always recognize lighting when I walk into a space weather it is a home, a bar or shop, you can feel the difference, the space becomes more than a space with good lighting any space can be transformed into an experience.


I didn't set out to be a designer it sort of just happened.  The jewelry was a hobby so I could make jewelry for myself and then people began asking me where I got the pieces I was wearing.  So there was a real sense of freedom because I wasn't designing with anyone but myself in mind.  I wasn't thinking about who would like it or price point I just made what I wanted and it resiginated. Im a niche for sure but it was life hanging to find my people. 

"Art lives where absolute freedom is, because where it is not, there can be no creativity" ~ Bruce Lee

I approached the lighting in a similar vein, I was making a piece to create an atmosphere. I have always had a fascinating with jewelry and chandeliers but never imaged I would be doing any of this professionally. 

I sort of bridge the gap I'm not very dark but I definitely dance along the edge.  I have always been fascinated with old buildings, crests, cathedrals and architecture.  Which is funny because I love the beach, Im a gemini so I guess there are definitely two sides to me light and dark.  I suppose that is where my love of a good juxt-a-position really began.

I'm sort of a preppy punk who loves the ocean.    It s a thing, it took me a while to embrace both sides and understand how to use the forces of light and dark to create beauty within the two elements.  I also love merging feminine and tough.  Like in life we both al have both inside of us.  People are fascinated with the dark side even if they wont admit it.  

"I find beauty in the grotesque, like most artists" ~ Alexander McQueen

I make a anatomical heart necklace and some get squeamish,  dont we all have a heart? Its funny love it or hate it its part of being human.  

didn't set out to be a provocative designer it just came with the territory

It takes courage to be an artist, you have to give yourself over and if you really are an artist you get lost in the process.  

I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it will all my heart ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Through a darkly romantic lens, Shannon Koszyk’s creations observe another time and place in history. Artisanal gothic anthropology is the best way to describe her provocative interpretation of ancient symbolism and nouveau art. ~ Currey & Company

I am always on the hunt for antique chandelier frames, I love to rip them apart and restore them to their former glory. But I cant stop there, I am compelled to take them to a better place, a more elaborate place with a more current voice. ~ Shannon Koszyk

On the new pieces, I start with a general era and intention, what do I want people to feel when they see it.  I have had some controversy over the years but I'm an artist and I am paid to express myself. Im never intending to offend anyone, but it happens. 


Once I have figured out the feeling then I look at the era I want to pull from.  I love old architecture, so most of my inspiration starts with ancient architecture, old English Countryside Estates and of course old cathedrals and cemeteries.  

Then I mess around with sketches and Im not the best pen to paper artist but it gets me there.  

I love this Fortune Favors the Bold chandelier I did a few years back in Collaboration with Currey & Company.  We literally soldered nails to this frame, it was a very popular piece.  

It was definitely a conversation piece. It was a popular piece among interior designers. It was placed into many lobbies and wineries nation wide.  

"If you aren't pissing anyone off than you probably aren't doing anything important". Alexander McQueen

I love a skull ~Moment Mori ~ Remember you are a Mortal. I have gotten a lot of resistance to the skulls in my line, love em or hate them we all have one. ~ Shannon Koszyk

"The world needs fantasy not reality. We have enough reality today." ~ Alexander McQueen

When I create a collection, I approach it with a cinematic point of view, Im not designing clothes, Im creating a world." ~ Ralph Lauren

The details are not the details. They make the design. ~ Charles Eames

Chandelier lighting adds elegance, class, and sophistication to a room. Plus, a chandelier brings a focal point of interest that catches the eye, making the space more inviting.

When Im working on chandeliers I do it the same way a painter paints, I add each piece stand back and look at it and sometimes I walk away and then come back to it.  The process of a piece is a labor of love more that just simple assembly.  

Chandeliers have been an iconic fixture in grand halls and luxurious homes for centuries. Their intricate designs and luminous glow have symbolized wealth, power, and elegance. But beyond their decorative appeal, chandeliers also hold significant meanings in terms of hierarchy and intimacy.

'Had I not created my whole world, I would certainly have died in other people's. - Quote from Anaïs

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