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Lux Bronze Collection

Explore the Magic of the Golden Hour with Our Lux Chunky Bronze Jewelry Collection

Immerse yourself in the warm glow with our Lux Collection. Handcrafted from solid bronze, each piece captures the essence of the Golden Hour. From exquisite pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings and chains.  Our exclusive collection offers a touch of luxury for every style.


Bold Fortune Pendant Necklace in Solid Bronze
Sterling & Bronze Ancient Roman Mixed Metals Relic Necklace
Sterling & Bronze Square Cross Mixed Metals Necklace
Italian Mixed Metals Horn Pendant Necklace
Chunky Bronze Equestrian Statement Ring
Regular price$298.00
Bold Chunky Bronze Chain Link Bracelet
Regular price$798.00
Chunky Bronze Modernist Ring
Regular price$398.00
Bold Chunky Bronze Toggle Chain Necklace
Regular price$1,498.00
Bold Fortune Bronze Pendant
Regular price$248.00

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